Oracle GoldenGate GGSCI : Shared libraries loading errors

While running Oracle GoldenGate's command line interpreter, ggsci, I got the below error. Let us see what caused this and how we can get rid of this.

ggsci: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

GGSCI requires libraries in Oracle Home. The two shared objects are and These two libraries are found in ORACLE_HOME/lib directory


So, there are two possiblites that you get this error.

Running ldd on ggsci reveals all required libraries. ldd is a Unix commd that shows the shared libraries that are required by an executables

[oracle@voice ogg1]$ ldd ggsci =>  (0x00fb8000) => /lib/ (0x00b90000) => /u01/ogg1/ (0x00d64000) => /u01/ogg1/ (0x0072c000) => /u01/ogg1/ (0x00110000) => /u01/ogg1/ (0x002c1000) => /u01/ogg1/ (0x0088c000) => /u01/ogg1/ (0x00fb9000) => /lib/ (0x00b96000) => /u01/ogg1/ (0x02de8000) => /u01/ogg1/ (0x00bd4000) => not found => not found => /usr/lib/ (0x00422000) => /lib/ (0x00b67000) => /lib/ (0x0029d000) => /lib/ (0x00a21000)
/lib/ (0x009fe000)
Set and export Oracle Home

In the Unix session, do the following to set and export ORACLE_HOME.Make sure that it points to right software installtion directory

ORACLE_HOME=<your Oracle Home>

You can see the ORACLE_HOME is set by echoing ORACLE_HOME as below :


After setting and export ORACLE_HOME, running ldd on ggsci shows all libraries are now accessible

[oracle@voice ogg1]$ ldd ggsci =>  (0x00b5b000) => /lib/ (0x00b90000) => /u01/ogg1/ (0x00320000) => /u01/ogg1/ (0x008ba000) => /u01/ogg1/ (0x00110000) => /u01/ogg1/ (0x00446000) => /u01/ogg1/ (0x005a7000) => /u01/ogg1/ (0x00b94000) => /lib/ (0x0029d000) => /u01/ogg1/ (0x082d7000) => /u01/ogg1/ (0x002b4000) => /u03/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/db3/lib/ (0x0780f000) => /u03/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/db3/lib/ (0x0472a000) => /usr/lib/ (0x006c8000) => /lib/ (0x00b67000) => /lib/ (0x002c4000) => /lib/ (0x06f8f000)
/lib/ (0x009fe000) => /lib/ (0x002d0000) => /usr/lib/ (0x00a1c000)

Now, ggsci should start without any issue