Adding virtual disk file to VMWare Workstation 9.0

We, at some point will fill up all our harddisk space on virtual machines and will need to add extra virtual disks to support our data. This document does that exactly.

Make sure the virutal machine is shut down.

Click on the Edit virtual machine settings just under Power on this virtual machine
Sceen 1
Click on Add... button
Sceen 2
Click on Hard Disk
Sceen 3
Check Create a new virutal disk
Sceen 4
Check SCSI (Recommended)
Sceen 5
Provide the size of the virtual disk you would like to create
Sceen 6
Accept the disk file name and click Finish
Sceen 7
Click OK
Sceen 8
You will see the new virutal disk added
Sceen 9

Visit my post here to see how a new disk can be partitioned on a Linux system.