How to create new VM Ware Virtual Machine

This article has complete screenshot for creation of VMWare Workstation virtual machine. The steps are same for creating any operating system, be it Unix or Windows. You make the choice of operating system in the 5th screen.

Open VMWare Workstation. Click on File > New Virutal Machine...
Sceen 1
In the New Virutal Machine Wizard window, click on Custom (advanced) radio button and click Next button
Sceen 2
There is nothing to be done here. Click Next button
Sceen 3
Click on I will install the operating system later. radio button and click Next button.
Sceen 4
Click on Linux radio button and then choose the appropriate Version from the drop-down menu.
Sceen 5
In the Virtual machine name: text box, provide a name you like and in the Location text box, provide a folder where all the files related to this virtual machine will be placed.
Sceen 6
Choose the appropriate Number of processors and Number of cores per processor that you can provide to this virutal machine.
Sceen 7
Choose the appropriate amount of Memory for this virtual machine that you can provide.
Sceen 8
Choose Use network address translation (NAT) and click Next button.
Sceen 9
Choose (Recommended) and click Next
Sceen 10
Choose (Recommended) and click Next
Sceen 11
Choose Create a new virtual disk and click Next
Sceen 12
Provide Maximum disk size (GB). This size will be used for virtual disk. Click on Split virtual disk into multiple files and click on Next button.
Sceen 13
Use the default Disk File and click Next button.
Sceen 14
This is the summary. Click Finish button.
Sceen 15
Your virtual machine is ready for the installation of operating system.
Sceen 16