How to Install OpenFiler in VMWare Workstation Virtual Machine

To install operating system on a virtual machine, virtual machine has to be first created. This article explains how to create a virtual machine using VMWare Workstation.

Please follow the below screenshot to install OpenFiler, kernel version 2.6, on VMWare virtual machine.

Click on Edit virutal machine settings for the Virtual Machine Settings to come up.
Sceen 1
On Hardware tab, click on CD/DVD (IDE). Then on Connection section, click on Use ISO image file and choose your OpenFiler ISO using Browse button
Sceen 2
This is how it looks for me. Please pay attention to Use ISO image file
Sceen 3
Click on Power on this virtual machine to proceed to install the operating system.
Sceen 4
Nothing to do here. The virtual machine is starting up.
Sceen 5
Press ENTER key to install the operating system in graphical mode.
Sceen 6
Click on Next button.
Sceen 7
Click on Next button.
Sceen 8
This warning informs that the disk (virtual disk) you have choosen will be erased of all data. Click on Yes
Sceen 9
Select Remove all partitions on selected drives and create default layout from the first drop-down list. For people who knows installation process, do not choose Custom layout as OpenFiler does not require elaborate layout of disk partitions. Just root (/) is sufficient. Click on Next button.
Sceen 10
Click on Yes button.
Sceen 11
If you like to increase the size of root (/), use Edit button to change the size of partition. (Please see below screen (screen 13) on how to provide new size). After providing new size, click on Next button.
Sceen 12
On Mount Point, provided / in the text box. On Size (MB), provide appropriate size in mega bytes. Here, I've provided 15 GB for root partition. Click OK
Sceen 13
It looks like this after providing the sizes. Verify and click on Next button.
Sceen 14
For boot loader, I'v choose GRUB. Hence, I've choosen The GRUB boot loader will be installed on /dev/sda radio button. Click on Next button.
Sceen 15
To set up networking, click on Edit button. Please refer screen 17 to fill up details.
Sceen 16
Provide your IP Address and Netmask in the respective fields. Here, I've disabled support for IPv6. Click on OK button
Sceen 17
Provide the host name in Hostname field. You can leave the Primary DNS field blank. As I have DNS server running on, I've provided it here. Click on Next button.
Sceen 18
Choose the appropriate time zone from the map. Click on Next button.
Sceen 19
Provide the root user password and click on Next button.
Sceen 20
Installation is ready to start. Click on Next button
Sceen 21
For information only. Formatting filesystem.
Sceen 22
For information only. Installation in progress.
Sceen 23
For information only. Installation in progress.
Sceen 24
For information only. Installation in progress.
Sceen 25
Your system is ready to reboot for the first time. Click on Reboot button.
Sceen 26
Reboot in progress.
Sceen 27
Reboot in progress.
Sceen 28
At this point, you have only root user created. Enter root at login prompt.
Sceen 29
Provide the password you supplied on Screen 20 and press ENTER.
Sceen 30
OpenFiler provides a web console for administrative purpose which can be access using port 446. If you get this page, click on Proceed to (unsafe) link.
Sceen 31
Use the default administrative user openfiler and default password is password to log in to administrative console.
Sceen 32
Click on administer the storage device from here link.
Sceen 33
This System Status is the landing page.
Sceen 34