Installation of OEM

Step by step details of how to install OEM on a Linux 6.3 system. The database version is 11gR2.

Installer File Name Size Checksum 2.1 GB 1.8 GB 2.6 GB

You need to adjust the /etc/security/limits.conf file.

Set the DISPLAY variable
Sceen 1
Change directory to where you have unzipped the installer. and execute ./runInstaller
Sceen 2
There should be 400 MB of free space in temp filesystem and 150 MB of free swap
Sceen 3
Uncheck I wish to receive security updates via My Oracle Support. and click
Next >
Sceen 4
Click Yes button.
Sceen 5
Check Skip and click Next >
Sceen 6
Ensure that the prerequisites have been met. If not, the item has to be fixed or Ignore if it is tolarable.

Click Next >
Sceen 7
Check Create a new Enterprise Manager System and then, Advanced

Click Next >
Sceen 8
Supply the Middleware home and the Agent home directories. Agent home and the Middleware home should not be one within the other. Also supply the Host Name. Host name should follow fully qualified name format and should not be a short name.

Click Next >
Sceen 9
First five plug-ins are choosen by default and cannot be unchecked.

Choose necessary plug-ins based on your requirements.

Click Next >
Sceen 10
Provide the passwords. Passwords should be 8 or more characters.

Click Next >
Sceen 11
Provide the database hostname or IP address. If host name is provide, it should be in fully qualified format.

Port and Service/SID are the details from listener configuration. These details are used to connect to database to create SYSMAN user and necessary tablespaces.

Provide the SYS password

See the below table for Deployment Size details.
Sceen 12
Deployment Size Target Count Management Agents Count Concurrent User Session Count
Small Up to 999 Up to 99 Up to 10
Medium Between 1000 and 9999 Between 100 and 999 Between 10 and 24
Large 10,000 or more 1000 or more Between 25 and 50
LARGE is more system resource demanding. If the requirements are not met, you get this message. But the installation will be successful.

Click OK
Sceen 13
Insufficiently configured database led to this message. But, installer can adjust the values and proceed without breaking.

Click Yes and proceed
Sceen 14
Querying the database showed the actual value
Sceen 15
Further deficiencies are shown here.

Click OK and continue.
Sceen 16
Provide SYSMAN and Agent Registration Passwords.

Ensure the datafile paths are fine with you. Adjust if necessary

Click Next >
Sceen 17
Suggest a convenient port or accept defaults.

Click Next >
Sceen 18
Review the summary and click Install
Sceen 19
Progressing ...
Sceen 20
Progressing ...
Sceen 21
Progressing ...
Sceen 22
Progressing ...
Sceen 23
The installer requires to run a root script
Sceen 24
Log in as root and execute the script. Accept the defaults or provide necessary values.
Sceen 25
The finish screen
Sceen 26