Identifying the Timezone of OEM Agent

Some cryptic error that occur in OEM is caused by incorrect timezone settings of the OEM agent. But, how can we identify the timezone of the agent. Let us see this in this post.

set line 188
col target_name for a50
col owner for a15
col host_name for a40
col timezone_region for a20

SELECT target_name, owner, host_name, timezone_region
FROM mgmt_targets
WHERE owner = 'SYSMAN' and upper (host_name) LIKE '%AGENT_BOX%';
TARGET_NAME                        OWNER           HOST_NAME                TIMEZONE_REGION
---------------------------------- --------------- ------------------------ ------------------                  SYSMAN        America/Chicago     SYSMAN        America/Chicago             SYSMAN        America/Chicago

From the abover output, timezone of the agent is identified as America/Chicago.

To know the the timezones OMS support, the below file is used.


where /u01/oracle/app/agent is the agent base directory.

Check the timezone of the OMS server using date command and check the agent timezone is listed along with the timezone of the OMS server

$ date
Wed May 27 01:44:59 CDT 2015
$ cat -n /u01/oracle/app/agent/core/ | grep -i cdt
547   CST6CDT
$ cat -n /u01/oracle/app/agent/core/

   531  # Timezone regions with -06:00 standard offset from GMT
   532  America/Cambridge_Bay
   533  America/Cancun
   534  America/Chicago
   535  America/Costa_Rica
   536  America/El_Salvador
   537  America/Guatemala
   538  America/Iqaluit
   539  America/Managua
   540  America/Mexico_City
   541  America/Rankin_Inlet
   542  America/Regina
   543  America/Swift_Current
   544  America/Tegucigalpa
   545  America/Winnipeg
   546  CST
   547  CST6CDT
   548  Canada/Central
   549  Canada/East-Saskatchewan
   550  Canada/Saskatchewan
   551  Etc/GMT+6
   552  Mexico/General
   553  US/Central

So, all the timezones from 532 to 553 are supported by the OMS which has "CDT" as the timezone. If the OEM agent has timezone listed above, then the agent is support by the OMS.

Hope this helps ...