900 km Road Trip in Jeep Compass from Cannanore to Hyderabad via Mysore

let me put in words the journey we, my brother and I, embarked upon from Cannanore in Kerala to Hyderabad in Telangana on June 3 & 4, 2018.

the vehicle

the vehicle is a grinning, black Jeep Compass Limited 4x4, 2 liter diesel engine mated to a 6-speed manual transmission. However, no 4x4 was engaged at all along the journey.

the vehicle parked away from Methiyadippara Hanuman Temple in Coorg, along the way

after I received the delivery of my Compass and covering 636 km with the city of Hyderabad, brother and I set forth for my hometown, Cannanore. Though I didn't had the time to get off and click some shots on the way home, I made sure that we don't miss out some pics that we can click. I got Sunco action camera, took some videos by just making it stand on the dashboard of the vehicle occassionally falling off and keep it upright again. So, I dont have stunning videos, I have some, but phone came to rescue to click some shots.

the journey : day 1, Cannanore to Mysore
Trip from Cannanore to Mysore along the beaten path

we started off from Cannanore at 11:15 in the morning, almost an hour behind our schedule. The itinerary was to reach Irity which borders with Karnataka at Coorg, then to Mysore for lodging and the next day reach Hyderabad via Bangalore. The tarmac from Cannaore till Koottupuzha, the river which divides Kerala and Karnataka is pristine, unlike on my journey to home which was punctuated by congestion because of repairs which took a long time to get to home.

After crossing Koottupuzha bridge, Coorg welcomed us with her unimaginable greenish beauty, soon to follow was Methiyadippara Hanuman Temple...

Methiyadippara Hanuman Temple
A scene that I greatly enjoy

This ghat road in Coorg district has many a hairpin curves, dimmed by tall lush green trees on the either side of the road and the deafening chirping of insects is all a joy to travellers, and sometimes a scary situation. Though almost empty, this road is largely seen with lorries, carrying heavy load and crawling. After stopping here briefly for a breather and some photo shots, we cruised the curves and the uphill for this Tellicherry-Mysore Ghat road like a breeze and galloped forward to stop at Classic Restaurant at Gonikoppal for lunch. after the lunch, we continued the journey.

this being Sunday, we could see groups of dolled up Coorgies, Saree drapped in their traditional Coorgi style with mood upbeat enough to match the balmy countryside weather...

the lunch break

after a 3-hour drive from home, we broke the journey for lunch here at Classic Restaurant, Gonikoppal, Coorg.

We stopped here in Gonikoppal for lunch

This hotel is a kind of special to me. Earlier in 2013, when my wife and I visited Waynad at her parents estate along with her uncle, we stopped by here for lunch, a very memorable moment for me. Memorable as her uncle showed us beautiful places in Karnataka, including a waterfall which I dont remember the name. The whole journey is so much memorable...

This looks like an old house, the ceiling is not wood, but a wood-carving like pattern
Waiting for order to arrive

From here, we headed Mysore via Hunsur. It is 40 km from Gonikoppal to Hunsur and another 49 km from Hunsur to Mysore. We cruised along towns and roads along the way merrily...

Driving along Coorg is a inexplainable experience. Tall green trees border the road and the tarmac itself is great to drive. Asthetically appealing cottages with well manicured hedges is a sight barely seen anywhere else...

I just got out to click a pic of my vehicle on the road, and all of a sudden, heavy traffic appeared from nowhere. Thankfully, no one honked
What a nice scene! What a nice experience!
Tobacco estate are common in these areas. my wife's uncle has one. This is the way to the estate
day 1 destination, Mysore

it's time to stretch legs and the stiff body. as twilight set in and after almost 180 kilometers from home and 7 hours drive, we finally reached Mysore. after some pointers from autoriksha drivers and a few hunting, we found a lodge with a barely enough parking space adjascent to KSRTC Bus Stand and thankfully stone's throw away from Mysore Palace. we enquired the rates for a night, and soon enough we checked in. after the baggages were secured in this mediocre hotel room, we headed for food. a suggestion from a brother about a hotel got us rid of hunting for a good dinner. we had it from RRR Restaurant, just opposite to clock tower...

dinner served in banana leaf at RRR restaurant, opposite Mysore Palace. Rs 120

After dinner, we were outside Mysore Palace to click some selfies. The entry was closed by 6:00 PM. Some of the pics of Mysore Palace outside rear entrance are below...

the 1918 Statue of Sri Chamarajendra Wodeyar at Statue square

then, we headed back to lodge for a good night sleep...

day 2: hunting for breakfast

at the crack of dawn, we were up and looking for breakfast. as we strolled the streets, I couldn't help clicking some pics of unique buildings and those dull morning scenes

Post office. It is between KSRTC bus stand and the clock tower. The building rounds off along the edge of the road, rather unusual...
a good early morning view of Clock Tower, time is almost 7:15 AM
this may have been Singer's dealer in days of yore...
an early morning view of Mysore Palace entrance gate
the journey : day 2, Mysore to Bangalore to Hyderabad
Trip from Mysore to Hyderabad again along the beaten path

after breakfast, we headed to Bangalore via Srirangapatna, Mandya, Channapatana, Ramanagara, Kenchanakuppe, Bidadi, Kengeri from where we diverted to NICE Ring Road to enter Bangalore Outer Ring Road and then to Hebbal to exit Bangalore to enter National Highway 44, Srinagar Kanyakumari Highway. it was a 150 km drive that took us a 3 long hours to reach Bangalore from Mysore. from there, we headed to Hyderabad. the journey of 550 kilometers was along the sweltering barren plains of Anantapur. though the 3-lane highway is great for driving, there is nothing along to stop and refresh. the journey hence was robotic, just mechanical. some of the snaps are below.

in Ananthpur district
bikers from Tamil Nadu
Kia Motors seting up factory in Anantapur district
along the way, Jeep crossed its 4000 km
day 2 destination, Hyderabad

the journey from Bangalore to Hyderabad on the highway was quiet boring. all along Anathpur in Andra Pradesh, its all barren land occassionaly lined by mountains. There is nothing of interst to stop and refresh. Its all driving and driving and more of driving. We reached Gachibowli in Hyderabad at close to 10:00 in the night, got biriyani from Paradise restaurant and headed for home in Lingampally...