medak, andra pradesh, india

from the time one is hit by thought of travelling till the moment one actually makes it, there is almost always a long time however far or near it is. i've been stuck by such a feeling a long time ago. this time it was a diocese built long ago in 1924 that i wish to follow my inner calling. we chose to travel on this balmy saturday afternoon.

though it took us a long three hours of travel between some stunningly beautiful rural landscapes and through roads less travelled, the journey never added stress to our spirit to see this european craftsmanship.

we reached late in the afternoon and were excited to see from a distance, this monument with spikes touching the sky. we got off the bus, had a heavy lunch and walked towards the cathedral. medak doesn't appear to be a town furnished with modernization.

at the entrance, there is the history of the Church
from a distance
main tower, 175 feet tall
the glass painting, one has to see this
view from the left side
the front view
the stunningly beautiful glass painting
the rear view
Wesley Boys' Hostel