wayanad, kerala, india

i decided to travel Wayanad upon urge from my wife as against my instinct to see my own home town. but seeing Wayanad was moments that I'd like to cherish. wayanad offers greenish atmosphere and a pleasent feeling that one would never like to leave behind. this beautiful hill station has nothing more than two or three days of sight seeing, but the ones it has are unique like an earth dam, a cave that has stone carvings dated back to between 6000 and 4000 BC.

there is nothing like going around a new place by foot. we tend to absort into the new atmosphere as we walk with the natives. we see fruit stall, vegetable stores all over.

Kalpetta is the capital Town
Traditionally built building atop a hill
there's nothing special about this, but the entire landscape is hilly. A building atop a hill looked stupendous and worth clicking.
Signposts showing directions of places of attraction
Another signposts with more directions
Clean roads lined by green
A view from the window
An unusual scene
Makeshift shops line either side of way to Edakal Caves
A nice scene
Green all over
A road between the green
Drawings back in 6000 BC
Portions of a larger picture